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Western Theme

All our buildings are assembled with Brads, Waterproof Glue, Exterior Acrylic Colors and final coat of Polyurethane for use outside.

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hotelsaloon.jpg (27616 bytes)Old Hotel/Saloon

This Old Hotel/Saloon has the Veranda, the Watering Trough, a place to tie your horse & the old wood "sidewalk".

16" wide x 12" deep x 13" tall.

Figures not included.

List Price $139.00

newjail.jpg (19k bytes)Jail / Wells Fargo / Feed Combo

This Old West Sheriff/Wells Fargo/Feed combo when added to the Hotel/Saloon, Gen. Store & Livery makes a great "old main street" for your Old West layout.

23" wide x 13" deep x 9" tall.

Figures not included.

List Price $107.00

nulivery.jpg (24255 bytes)Livery / Blacksmith

Try adding this nostalgic Old West building to the Hotel/Saloon & General Store to make a great "old main street" for your Old West layout.

18" wide x 12" deep x 11" tall.

List Price $127.00

gensto.jpg (21954 bytes)General Store with Old Doc's Office

This Old West General Store has the" Ole Doc's " office upstairs. Added to the Hotel/Saloon, Jail/Wells Fargo/Feed & the Livery makes a great "old main street" for your Old West layout.

14" wide x 15" deep x 12" tall.

List Price $122.50

gristmill.jpg (31538 bytes)Grist Mill

This old nostalgic Mill would be a great addition for your layout.   The large "waterwheel" turns.

16" wide x 16" deep x 16" tall.

List Price $129.50

annsmerc.jpg (20067 bytes)Ann's Mercantile

A nice addition for your layout. Could be used with an Old West Town.

12" wide x 12" deep x 12" tall.

Figures not included.

List Price $119.00

xminercab.jpg (18090 bytes)Mine Shack

Imagine this old Mine Shack up on your "mountain" with a "mine entrance" next to it!!

13" wide x 9" deep x 11" tall.

Figure not included.

List Price $107.00

oldschl.jpg (124059 bytes)Log Schoolhouse

You have to have an Old Log Schoolhouse for the 'Little Kiddos". A nice addition for your Western layout. It even has a Bell.

12" wide x 18" deep x 9" tall.

List Price $116.50

nuouthse.jpg (17008 bytes)Outhouse

This nostalgic Old Outhouse would make a cute addition to an old Farm layout.

4" wide x 3" deep x 5" tall.

Wagon not included.

List Price $25.00

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