Candle Dipping Tank with 7 Vats!

Angel Inn employees have developed a portable candle dipping tank for use with church youth groups, scouts, schools and other children's groups.   We have tooled up to build these for use in our own community service and volunteer activities.  We are willing to build one up for you.


The main hot water bath uses a thermostatically controlled immersion heater to keep seven wax vats at just the right temperature for dipping tapered candles.  Each of the seven vats is 14.5" tall and 6" in diameter - perfect for making 12" tapers.  The tank is insulated on the sides and bottom to heat faster, reduce electrical costs and keep the working environment more comfortable.  A drain valve makes it easier to put the tank away after use.  Aluminum, stainless steel and galvanized steel are used throughout for long life and corrosion resistance.  A thin plastic coating on the rim of each dipping vat helps protect little fingers.  

The large diameter base (22" across) provides stability and plenty of space for children to work next to each other.  When used with two external cold water baths, up to four children can make candles at the same time.


The hot water bath is 22" diameter and 20" tall.  It is made of heavy duty aluminum and is insulated around the sides and bottom with R19 equivalent reflective insulation. The unit can be placed directly on the floor, or on any sturdy table or countertop.  A 1" threaded port accommodates the immersion heater and allows it to be easily replaced if required.  A 1/2" threaded port can be plugged or used with a ball valve drain.

The immersion heater is 1500 watts and plugs into a standard 120V wall outlet.  It comes with a heavy duty 12 gauge 24' cord.  A recessed thermostatic control allows any temperature from 150F to 240F to be preset.  The thermostat can be reset with a Philips screwdriver.  The heater is capable of raising the temperature about 15 degrees F per hour under normal conditions.

Using a "fast start" mode, I have been ready to dip candles in about 3 hours.  I fill the water bath with a combination of hot water from the tap and boiling water from the stove and electric kettle.  Then I run a pair of my table top wax melters continuously to melt wax and bring it up to dipping temperature.   (This method requires several extension cords, as each of these devices must be plugged into a different electrical circuit in my home.)  The dipping vats must be empty to use this "fast start" mode.  If your dipping vats are filled with cold, solid wax, you are going to spend a full day, or over night to get the machine ready from a cold start. 

A stainless steel perforated shelf holds the dipping vats above the immersion heater to allow easy access from the top, and ensure good water circulation around the vats.

The seven dipping vats are made of galvanized steel.  Each is a cylinder, 14.5" tall and 6" in diameter.  Each holds 12 pounds of wax.  The top edges of each cylinder are dipped in plastic to keep them from scratching or burning little hands.  The aluminum lid for the water bath has seven holes for the tops of the dipping vats.  This helps retain heat in the water bath, and keeps things from falling into the water.  Inexpensive aluminum pie tins act as lids on the dipping vats when they are not in use.  Replacements can be purchased at most grocery stores.

The whole unit weighs about 300 lbs when filled with water and wax.


The basic unit as described above costs $1050.  Shipping in the continental US is $120 UPS Ground.

Additional 14.5" x 6" dipping vats (for other colors or scents) are $30 each plus shipping.

Our electric wax melters with ball valve drains are $55 plus shipping.

Units are shipped 4 to 6 weeks after receipt of an order.  Units will not be shipped before payment is received.  We are sorry for the delay, but final assembly and testing are done after an order is received (and this isn't really what we do for a day job!)


To Purchase:

Send an e-mail to "melter" at "".  (I'm sorry for the bother, but I have to display my e-mail address this way to keep automated SPAM address collectors at bay.)   Please allow a couple of days for a reply.


We are proud to be affiliated with, the online version of General Wax and Candle Company's Factory Outlet Store.  Please choose one of the links below to order wax, wicks, dyes and scents.  We recommend Dussek Campbell/BP 136 degree mold/dip & carve/taper wax.  This pure paraffin wax works very well for dipping tapers at 150 degrees.  At this temperature, a child who touches the wax will hurt, but she will not suffer a burn.  (Have any child who touches the hot wax immediately put her hand in the cold water bath and hold it there for at least 60 seconds.)

Professional taper manufacturers often use other wax blends that have a higher melting point.  This machine can support any type of wax with melting points up to 230 degrees.  However, we strongly recommend 136 degree wax when the machine is being used by children, novices or volunteers.

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Here are some candles made by Year 1 students at Horfield Primary in Bristol England using our first prototype machine:


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